On July 10, 2023, the former Branch Manager of Kotak Mahindra Bank, Boring Road, Patna, was apprehended, shedding light on a labyrinth of money laundering.





It all began with an FIR, exposing a shocking Rs. 31.93 Crore fraud. A complex web of 13 fraudulent transfers was unveiled.

Sumit Kumar and his associates orchestrated the embezzlement, exploiting their positions and using forged documents.

Sumit Kumar's Role

Suspicious transactions raised eyebrows. Find out how the embezzlers' lifestyle and income didn't match, leading to further investigations.

Sumit Kumar  was arrested by the ED on July 10, 2023. Subsequently, he was presented before the Hon’ble  PMLA Court. Later, the court granted the ED custody of Sumit Kumar for five days.

The ED's relentless pursuit of justice, revealing the massive Rs. 31.93 Crore fraudulent transactions.

Shashikant & Mannu  :

Learn about Shashikant's role in laundering funds and Mannu's involvement in siphoning public money.

Development in the case :

Find out what investigators discovered in Mannu Singh's residence and how it led to his arrest.

The Kotak Mahindra Bank Fraud case is a convoluted tale of financial wrongdoing. Stay tuned for more revelations.