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Army Day in India commemorates Lieutenant General Kodandera M. Cariappa taking over as the first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army on January 15, 1949.

Historical Significance

Annual Celebration 

The day is marked by parades and military shows not only in New Delhi but also across the country in various headquarters.

Milestone Celebration

In 2023, India celebrated the 75th Indian Army Day in Bengaluru, emphasizing the enduring significance of this occasion.

Honoring Sacrifices

Army Day serves as a tribute to the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect the nation and its citizens.

Central Celebration Venue

The main Army Day parade is conducted at the Cariappa Parade ground in Delhi cantonment, featuring gallantry awards and Sena medals.

Recognition of Bravery

Bravery awards are presented during the celebrations, with notable instances like 15 soldiers receiving bravery awards in 2020. 

Inclusive Participation

The Army Day parade showcases military hardware, various contingents, and combat displays, including the participation of Param Vir Chakra and Ashok Chakra awardees. In 2020, Captain Tania Shergill made history as the first female officer to command an Army Day parade.