Exclusive Revelation of 2024: Behold the Majestic Swarn Dwar of Ayodhya’s Ram Temple


In a momentous revelation, the first glimpse of the resplendent “Swarn Dwar” adorning the Ramlala temple under construction in Ayodhya has emerged. Standing tall at 12 feet in height and spanning 8 feet in width, these doors signify not just an architectural marvel but a testament to the grandeur of faith.

Swarn Dwar of Ayodhya’s Ram Temple

Over the next three days, an additional 13 doors are slated to be meticulously installed on the upper floor of the sanctum sanctorum. It is a meticulous process that mirrors the reverence with which this sacred structure is being crafted. The Swarn Dwar, with their impressive dimensions, symbolize the entrance to a divine realm, inviting devotees into the sanctum of spirituality.

Within the sanctum sanctorum, a singular door holds a unique distinction, adorned with an intricately engraved picture of Lord Vishnu in a tranquil sleeping posture. This artistic detail pays homage to the divine presence that the temple encapsulates, weaving spirituality into every inch of its architecture.

As the construction progresses, it is revealed that the Ram temple will boast a total of 46 doors, each a masterpiece in its own right. What sets these doors apart is the plan to coat 42 of them with a generous layer of 100 kg gold, enhancing not just their aesthetic appeal but also signifying the opulence associated with the reverence for Lord Ram.

The golden doors, positioned on the upper floor, are not merely entrances but symbolic portals that bridge the mortal with the divine. They stand as silent sentinels, inviting devotees to step into a realm where divinity and devotion converge. The sheer craftsmanship involved in the installation of these doors attests to the dedication and meticulous planning invested in bringing the vision of the Ram temple to fruition.

As the construction unfolds, Ayodhya witnesses the melding of tradition and modernity, as the temple takes shape as a magnificent edifice of religious significance. The Swarn Dwar, with their gleaming surface, embody not just an architectural element but serve as a beacon of the unwavering faith that drives this monumental project.

In conclusion, the unveiling of the first picture of the Swarn Dwar marks a significant milestone in the journey of the Ram temple’s construction. As these doors stand tall, each etched with spiritual symbolism, they become a testament to the profound connection between craftsmanship and spirituality. With anticipation building for the installation of the remaining doors, Ayodhya’s Ram temple is poised to be an architectural marvel and a sanctuary of devotion.

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