Breaking News: Earthquake Today in Bihar Just Now 03/11/2023


Earthquake Today in Bihar Just Now: On March 11, 2023, a significant earthquake rattled the region of Bihar, India. The tremor was detected by the Android Earthquake Android System, prompting immediate concerns about its impact on the affected areas.

Paink, Nepal – An estimated magnitude 5.7 earthquake struck the region, sending tremors through Nepal, India, and China. The seismic event occurred at 11:32 pm local time, originating just 7 kilometers from the town of Paink, Nepal.

Earthquake today in Bihar Just Now

Earthquake Today in Bihar Just Now:

The earthquake has triggered concerns across the affected countries, with residents and authorities on high alert. While the exact extent of the damage and any potential casualties remain unconfirmed, early reports indicate that the earthquake has been felt across the affected regions.

Seismologists and disaster response teams are closely monitoring the situation and are expected to provide further information as assessments are carried out. The local population is urged to stay cautious and follow safety protocols in the wake of this seismic activity.

Our thoughts are with those affected by the earthquake, and we will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.

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